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Our wet pour rubber offers a complete surfacing solution; Fully compliant with AS/NZS 4422:2016 standards for soft fall and shock absorbing properties, slip resistant, seamless, consistent colour and UV tolerant.


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Rosehill TPV® rubber soft fall is one of a kind when it comes to rubber wet pour products.  The rubber is made from premium quality virgin polymers, combined with the highest possible UV stabilised pigments so it retains colour even in the harshest of climates.


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Our CSBR range is a colour coated recycled rubber using high quality pigments and UV stabilisers creating a great range of a colours that are both environmentally friendly and less expensive than synthetic rubber surfacing.


Soft Fall Rubber Surfacing is designed to reduce impact and injury from falls in the playground environment. Our Soft Fall Base Layer, made from Recycled Rubber Tyres, combined with the wear Layer of Recoat or EPDM creates a dual layered system that has been tested to meet any critical fall height requirement specified by the playground equipment manufacturer or designer. If not specified, these fall height requirements can be calculated to guarantee an AS/NZS 4422:2016 compliant surface.

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